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The Better Living Solutions Deck

Decks are fun!
Decks are a great place to enjoy our summers. It is where you enjoy time with your family and friends. We can all remember the great times we have had sitting on a deck that have turned out to be some of the best moments of our lives!
Decks also make for a better exterior living space and increase the value of your property. Weather your deck is made of cedar, pressure treated wood, or a low maintenance composite material, with a few extras like a privacy fence, a sun screen or pergola your deck will let you relax and enjoy the new memories you will create.
It gives us great joy working with our customers in planning their new decks. Everyone is looking forward to the wonderful times they will have for years to come in this new great outdoor space!
Each deck we build is designed for the space it is going into and the people how will be enjoying it! That is why we created the Deck Design and Buyers Guide! This guide captures all your needs and wants for your new deck and lets us determine the correct size, layout, and amenities you need for your new deck. This level of planning means we can make sure you have the best outdoor living solutions!
Because of the planning and quality of work we do we back each of our decks with a 5 year guarantee on our workmanship!

How does the better living solutions group build a better decks?
Better planning.
Solid railings. With styles supported top and bottom with a wide top plate.
Cement footings for better support. Wood does not touch the earth.
Weed fabric under the deck so the weeds do not start growing up from under your deck.
Metal joist hangers for support. We do not toe nail the joist in.
Screws. We screw in and screw down all joist, boards, and rails for a stronger built deck. We do not use nails.
We apply end cut pressure treatment to all exposed cut on pressure treated wood to protect them from rot!
We keep you informed! Customers like to know how things are coming along!